Why blackhats are becoming whitehats & hackers on the fence are choosing to become whitehats. : ethereum



TLDR; More blackhats and greyhats are going down the path of being a whitehat

More and more blackhats in DeFi hacking are turning whitehat and the reason why is simple: whitehats become heroes for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities and are given new incentives all the time, while blackhats are shunned as low-life criminals who get no status, no opportunities as a result of their hacks, and are often doxed and pursued endlessly by legal authorities and users.


Whitehats get legal cash without having to worry about making one small, single mistake that might reveal who they are.


Blackhats, on the other hand, always have to look over their shoulder.


Whitehats don’t have to worry about anyone doxxing them or their friends/family. They don’t have to worry about threats or serious physical harm or criminal investigators. Whitehats can sleep well at night.


Whitehats become legendary heroes. They gain status and opportunities that benefit them and everyone knows and loves them. They get cushy job offers and speaking requests. Others want to be them because they are the knights in shining armor.

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Why Blackhats Are Becoming Whitehats

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