Why Are NFTs More Than Just Art?


By disrupting the art sector, NFTs have attracted global attention. However, there are several other industries where NFTs are set to make a difference. Today, the world’s largest media agencies – such as Cryptocurrency Press, Coinbound and X10 are rushing to cover the NFT artwork craze that has captured the creativity of plaudits and critics.  

What Are NFTs?

A non-fungible token is a unique, non-transferable unit of a digital ledger that we can connect with reproducible assets. These assets include images, 3D models, films, music and other digital information. Blockchain technology gives NFTs public evidence of ownership or record. We cannot swap these like-for-like since no NFTs are alike.  Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a fungible token. You can send someone one Bitcoin, and they can send it back, and you continue to have one Bitcoin at the end. Of course, the fee of Bitcoin may apply at the time of exchange.  

NFTs – Current State of Businesses

In addition, a slew of celebrities and reputable trademarks – Coca-cola, Asics, Team GB and NBA, to name a fewhave leapt into the industry in an attempt to create some business benefits through coins. The likes of Pizza Hut, Pringles, Taco Bell, and even lavatory paper producer Charmin have all introduced their own model of NFTs. 

NFTs: Major Players 

Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, NFL participant Rob Gronkowski and Lindsey Lohan have all launched their very own variations of the virtual collectables.  https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1371549960030842893?s=20 In March 2021 alone, around $240 million was spent on virtual artwork on the NFT marketplace, NonFungible.com. Famous artwork dealers Christie’s and Sotheby’s have even got involved by offering virtual artwork to its wealthy clientele.  However, NFTs have to become synonymous with artwork – the era that makes them viable can alternate not images but every product in a virtual asset.  

NFTs Shake Up the Art World— But They Could Change So Much More

  • The Release of Ticketing Systems and Music Albums 

While NFTs have an affinity in artwork circles to show scarcity, they are applicable in different places. Concert tickets and different aspects of the music industry depend on non-fungibility to help protects its customers from fraud, making it a top candidate for NFT adoption.  Earlier this month, rock band The Kings of Leon launched an NFT to commemorate the release of its modern album.  https://twitter.com/RollingStone/status/1367140442018570240?s=20

  • Diverse Experiences in Gaming Zones

The gaming industry has been quick to supply its gamers with new opportunities within technology to customize their gaming experience. Fortnite’s 350 million registered gamers spent an average of eighty-two dollars on in-recreation content material in 2019, shopping for garments and add-ons to decorate their avatars. In 2020, that quantity grew to approximately $3.2 billion hours spent each month worldwide.  https://twitter.com/fortnitegame/status/1258079550321446912

  • A stable model of tokenizing people’s time

With the explosion of freelance paintings, freelancers will symbolize 80% of worldwide workers by 2030. NFT agencies have made hundreds of thousands of dollars through growing marketplaces for employers to rent informal workers.  Upwork – a famous freelancer site – generated $301 million in sales connecting freelancers and employers in 2020. That is about the emergence of initiatives like micro sponsors, which use NFTs as a manner for freelancers to be employed without paying intermediaries for the privilege.  https://twitter.com/upwork/status/1325808865829478401  

What’s Next? 

In the future, crypto wallets will be storing your medical data on a personalized blockchain, where your unique key that unlocks the NFT will transfer data such as clinic and emergency room records and specialist clinic information, etc. These NFTs will be able to include personal information, medical history, insurance information, and more.    What’s more, subscription and access card NFTs will manage access to everything. From employee access to company offices, concerts and subscriptions (aka, Patreon, OnlyFans). By eliminating the need for a central point to manage access, we can improve efficiency and accuracy in this domain for a second time.  The secure nature of NFTs enables governments around the world to provide critical services, security infrastructure, and even basic income. This next-generation government infrastructure could help restore confidence in our governments and improve decades of collapsing trust between our institutions and the citizens they serve.  There is much more to see in NFTs advancement and we wish you luck with your virtual experiences.




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