What’s the Verdict on Harmony ONE?


Harmony has been on a smooth ride with regular spikes in value since July 2021. Despite a few dips, the outlook on Harmony’s ONE token is quite positive. Experts also feel the price of ONE will surge more in the future and bring profits for holders of the token.

Let’s take a look and analyze the price of ONE thoroughly. 

What is Harmony?

Harmony is a new-age blockchain that supports decentralized apps (apps that work without human intervention). The processes run on autopilot based on technologies like smart contracts. Traders can create marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs or non-fungible tokens and other digital assets. NFTs are also digital tokens that you can use to claim ownership of digital artwork.

Additionally, Harmony supports quick trades and comes with lower transaction fees.

What is the ONE Token?

ONE is the native token of the Harmony platform. It can be used to pay fees such as storage fees and transaction fees.

Additionally, ONE token holders can vote in the governance of the platform.

Harmony has a total supply of 13,156,044,839. The project also sold the tokens to investors and collected $18 million in April 2019. In the following months, Harmony then sold more tokens to raise more rounds of funds. ONE tokens will also be used to fund projects on the platform. They have $300 million ready for developers and businesses to take advantage of.

Price Analysis of ONE Tokens

ONE is currently trading at $0.286741 and (at the time of writing) has increased in value by 2.9% in the last 24 hours, as per CoinGecko. At the moment, ONE has a rank of 65 in the crypto world and shows a lot of promise.

However, the performance over the last one or two weeks is not encouraging. In the last 7 days, ONE has declined by 5.3% in value and In the past 14 days, ONE recorded a 6% dip.

On the other hand, ONE’s long-term performance is more promising. In the last 30 days, the token surged by 30.3% in price. Additionally, ONE attained its all-time high of $0.379020 on October 26.

Moreover, the yearly performance of ONE is quite fantastic. The token shows growth of 5,746.9% in value in the last 365 days.

As a result, investors are highly interested in Harmony’s token. The $300 million bounty is also a cause  for excitement and is fueling the price of ONE.

Harmony also arranged the ONE World Conference in Lisbon recently. It was a massive crowd-puller and brought the company more exposure and led to a lot of interest around ONE tokens.


Final Thoughts

Harmony is a worthy project in the realm of cryptocurrency. The ONE token also has the potential to become a leader and achieve new all-time highs. Recent developments like the announcement of funds for developers are making Harmony more famous. Therefore, we can expect ONE to perform well.




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