Wenlambo Launched ‘we-NFT’ Today


Written by Nezwan Helmy

It is with great pleasure that the Wenlambo team introduces the cryptocurrency world to its new NFT marketplace, we-NFT.io. 

The team thinks that the new marketplace will provide content producers and artists with a fantastic chance to showcase their work to a worldwide audience of potential customers.

Although the cryptocurrency platform has not yet announced its intention to add new features, the goal is to make the marketplace more user-friendly by offering a variety of benefits such as the ability to buy, mint, sell, and trade NFT art, trade on the marketplace with BNB and Wenlambo.

Furthermore, users can enjoy a fixed transaction fee of 2.5 percent, which is made possible by the lower cost of the gas used for selling and minting on the BSC.

A Gateway For More Possibilities

The team stated that it originally intended to restrict payment to its Wenlambo payment mechanism in order to keep the whole process inside the organisation. 

In order to attract more cryptocurrency enthusiasts to utilise the marketplace, it has revised its position on the single payment method and added another payment gateway, BNB, to the mix.

It thinks that by increasing the number of payment options available, Wenlambo and its new marketplace will be able to attract more vendors and customers who may have been uncomfortable with being restricted to a single payment method in the past.

Wenlambo’s administration also thinks that adding another payment option will have both long-term and short-term advantages for both holders and artists, in addition to increasing popularity. 

Wenlambo holders, on the other hand, are urged to look forward to a unique content area as well as the exclusive Wenlambo NFT collections that will be available to them soon.

The Best Platform For All Kinds of NFTs Producers

Earlier, the team had discussed certain information with content producers and NFT artists in advance of the show’s premiere. 

For starters, they will be compensated in BNB and will each have a unique we-NFT profile that they may post or use on the marketplace. 

To make it even better, artists who are delighted with getting paid in Wenlambo and who want to own the token will be eligible for free airdrops as additional special bonuses.

Development on a fresh, new Wenlambo NFT collection is underway. However, it is noted that there will only be a limited quantity of copies available for purchase. 

These copies do not have the same monetary worth or scarcity as the originals. Alternatively, owners may choose to exchange the copies in order to complete their collection.

Challenges Ahead For we-NFT

While the team is enthusiastic about the new initiative, they are also cognizant of the challenges and limitations that come with being a new marketplace. 

Users and critics are encouraged to express their issues about the marketplace, and in return, the Wenlambo management will try to respond to them in order for it to be able to provide satisfactory service to the members of its user community.
Prospective users of the marketplace and anyone who are interested in learning more about Wenlambo and the NFT marketplace are encouraged to follow the team on social media to learn more about Wenlambo and the NFT marketplace. ( Twitter: https://twitter.com/WenLamboDeFi / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WenLamboDefi )




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