Top 10 Blockchain Jobs in 2022


Everyone is talking about decentralising everything, from real estate to financial institutions and more…and because many people are talking about it, blockchain jobs are gaining traction. 


Blockchain is a platform that is growing to be a foundation for record-keeping systems. Not only for record-keeping but it has also been adopted for investing in cryptocurrencies and is now a top necessity in today’s decentralized and digital world. Hence, because of its surge in usage, it has opened doors for many jobs. Some of these jobs are blockchain developer, blockchain engine and more blockchain affiliated jobs. 


This article will highlight the top 10 blockchain jobs in 2022. 


  • Blockchain Developer 



Blockchain developers are one of the most popular blockchain roles in the market today. They are often involved with developing applications with blockchain technology. 

Their role is one of the most popular and high-ranking because they often offer exceptional solutions and comprehensive services. 


There are two categories of blockchain developers, which are key blockchain developers and software blockchain. 


Top organizations that require the skill of blockchain developers are government enterprises, finance firms and tech firms. 


Skills Required

  • Knowledge in the architecture and the working of blockchain 
  • Expertise with data structure 
  • Expertise with web development and cryptography
  • Proficiency in .NET, C++, XML


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain developer according to Ziprecruiter is $154,550 per year. 


  • Blockchain Architect 


Blockchain architects are often individuals that are involved with designing, assigning and connecting several solutions parts of the blockchain. What they do is collaborate with professionals across several departments like the UX designers, developers, IT operators and network administrators to create a wholesome blockchain solution.


Skills Required 

  • Experienced with DevOps, cryptography, and data science. 
  • Proficient with CSS, HTML, React, Python, Node, and Generic SQL.
  • Hands-on skill in developing blockchains is a big plus 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain architect according to is $160,875  per year. 


  • Blockchain Administrator 


Blockchain administrators help develop, create and maintain coordinated operations across blockchain infrastructure components. They often leverage professionals to deliver the best business value and monitor the performance of every service and tool involved in infrastructure. 


Blockchain administrators are one of the most sought after jobs in blockchain because of their position in the coordination of blockchain projects. 


Skills Required: 

  • Fluency in Bitcoin protocol 
  • High-level efficiency with programming language 
  • Proficient with coordinating using UNIX and Linux. 
  • Competence with networking architecture, virtualization and networking services.


Average salary – the average salary for blockchain administrators is $106,667 per year according to ZipRecruiter.


  • Blockchain Project Manager 


A blockchain project manager is involved in developing a link between the organization and blockchain experts. They are gatekeepers of the firm because they ensure a clear understanding of every requirement by the experts and ensure each professional delivers on time and accurately. They also simplify the technical needs of all stakeholders within the company.


Skills Required: 

  • Skilled in project management 
  • Great understanding of blockchain 
  • Communication skills 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain project manager according to Glassdoor is $65,506 per year. 


  • Blockchain UX Designers


Blockchain UX designers make sure there is a unique interface when the user is interacting with the platform. They have a way of making the platform look simple, intriguing and attractive to the users. 


Skills Required

  • You need to be creative and understand how blockchain works 
  • Outstanding technical skills 
  • Good communication skills 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain UX designer according to is $107,500 per year. 


  • Blockchain Content Writers


Blockchain content writers research and simplify various aspects related to blockchain in simple terms. What you are reading now is blockchain content and is a fulfilling career for intending writers. They are often involved with research, whitepaper writing, roadmap development, blog content etc.


Skills Required

  • Basic to In-depth knowledge in blockchain operations 
  • Good writing skills
  • Communication skills 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain quality engineer according to Glassdoor is $116,620 per year. 


  • Blockchain Consultant 


Blockchain consultants are one of the top-paying jobs today. They are often responsible for developing strategies, solving problems and offering technical knowledge. They also assess and manage risks. 


Generally, they must be skilled with blockchain technology because they offer several hands-on solutions. 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain consultant according to Glassdoor is $92,065 per year. 


  • Blockchain Legal Consultant 


The blockchain world is expanding daily, becoming more complex as time goes by hence it is important that organizations learn and understand every legal jargon involved in every project. The blockchain legal consultant gives advice and structure offerings for cryptocurrency and contracts. They make sure the firm meets the regulations guiding it. 


They are often expected to understand blockchain technology, especially its intersection with the laws and regulations of that country. They must also understand how smart contracts work. 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain legal consultant according to PayScale is $107,00  per year. 


  • Blockchain Analyst 


Blockchain analysts can be categorized into two; risk analyst and business analyst. The risk analysts assess existing risk factors that relate to Blockchain applications. They also identify potential threats and offer solutions to neutralize these risks. 


The business analysts are involved with developing effective business strategies. They identify areas that require improvement. 


They are often known to have intensive knowledge in blockchain as well as technical skills. 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain analyst is $111, 514 per year according to Glassdoor. 


  • Blockchain Engineer 


Blockchain engineers are majorly involved with creating applications that meet the company’s technological features. 


They are known to be curious and proficient in programming languages. They are also competent in blockchain engineering economic outlook. They are able to comprehend supply, demand and incentivization. 


Average salary – the average salary for a blockchain engineer is $70,859 per year. 




Anyone can make it work in this space. Other roles include social media managers, community managers and crypto trading analysts etc. 


The truth is regardless of whatever role you choose to train yourself in, you can earn a good living because most of the salaries are based on the location and company. However, it is advisable that you pursue a career in a role that has a huge potential for growth. 

As the world keeps expanding and the demand for blockchain keeps increasing, it is a good time to build a career and create a space for yourself in the blockchain world.


Welcome to web3, WAGMI!





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