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  Former Lyft CFO Brian Roberts has joined OpenSea and aims to take the firm public, but many NFT members are opposed. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of OpenSea is in the works. One of the major beneficiaries of this year’s NFT craze appears to be on the verge of launching an IPO. In an interview with Bloomberg Monday, OpenSea’s new CFO Brian Roberts stated that the firm plans to raise capital through an IPO. Roberts played a key role in Lyft’s successful IPO in 2019, and he now appears to be bringing his experience to the crypto business. “You’d be silly not to consider about going public when you have a firm expanding as rapidly as this one,” Roberts said, noting OpenSea’s outstanding financial track record. “I’ve seen a lot of P&Ls,” he remarked, “but I’ve never seen one like this.” While Roberts strives to make OpenSea available to the general public, NFT collectors and artists aren’t happy. Several notable NFT figures have expressed their displeasure with the decision on Twitter. Many in the crypto world had predicted an OpenSea token airdrop for its customers, which is becoming more popular among crypto companies. Ethereum Name Service, which gave governance tokens to customers who bought.eth domains last month in an effort to decentralise the firm through a DAO, was one of the most recent large airdrops. A token launch, however, appears to be less probable given that OpenSea is preparing an IPO. Instead, the corporation is searching for new investors to help it raise additional money. The business “doesn’t need to raise additional funds,” according to Roberts, but plans to utilise the proceeds from the IPO “to acquire companies, establish partnerships, and form joint ventures to further expand the usage of NFTs into other sectors.” Many OpenSea users and NFT collectors believe that the corporation has abandoned its users in favour of investors as a result of this. Some have said that without the backing of its community, OpenSea would not be the thriving corporation it is today. Punk 2070, a Twitter user, wrote: “Sucks to hear @opensea is selling out and doing an IPO.” “Their venture capitalists did not get them to this point.” “We were successful.” “Anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience of communicating with OpenSea community support would know that OpenSea doesn’t care about community at all,” basedkarbon said. OpenSea, being the first NFT marketplace to reach public appeal, has handled the majority of NFT trade on Ethereum, with a record transaction volume of $3.4 billion in August, when NFT frenzy was at its peak. OpenSea has teamed up with Christie’s for a series of high-end NFT auctions featuring well-known NFT artists like Blake Kathryn and Fvckrender.  




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