The 10 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges


Crypto margin trading exchanges have made it possible for crypto traders to select random platforms that suit the essential features they need from each one. Today there are several features to consider when making decisions on the crypto margin exchange a trader should use while trading in the cryptocurrency market. Some things that traders consider while choosing trading platforms are: 

  • how trusted the platform is 
  • the history of the trading platform
  • the supported cryptocurrencies, etc. 

Crypto traders also consider the withdrawal limits, transaction charges, trading volume, margin requirements, and so on. One of the ways to succeed as a cryptocurrency trader is to choose the best trading platform that will suit the crypto you intend to trade, and in this guide, we will provide you with our list of the top 10 best bitcoin and crypto margin trading exchanges.  

#1. Binance

Binance is known as one of the best crypto margin trading platforms because of the spectacular features that the platform provides for crypto traders. Even as a novice, you can use Binance effectively without facing challenges. Binance offers high liquidity trading alongside a spot trading exchange that offers traders low transaction fees as well as an incentive bonus that comes with a new sign-up. Binance supports a lot of crypto pairs which includes their special coin known as BNB; so you can minimize loss by swapping from one crypto to another with little or no transaction fees.  

#2. eToro

This is another popular cryptocurrency trading platform that has been around since 2007; its features among other several trading exchanges are quite rare. Besides crypto margin trading, eToro offers stock leverage trading, CFDs and forex, etc. they are known for security, and the platform is also fully regulated; this makes it very safe for traders who intend to trade with eToro. However, eToro does have high trading fees when compared to other trading exchanges; although eToro offers its users some unique features that most trading platforms don’t have. eToro supports a lot of funding methods that users can use to fund or deposit money into their crypto trading wallets. Some of these payment methods are credit/debit cards, Neteller, PayPal, bank transfer and Skrill, etc.  

#3 Margex

Margex is another crypto margin trading exchange that has some awesome features such as being easy to use, amazing user interface, low trading fees, etc. In Margex, the simplicity of the platform makes it possible for users to create an account within minutes without bypassing several protocols. Furthermore, Margex is very conscious of privacy and they hide customers’ details even when a customer releases them to their admin. One of the amazing features of Margex is that it supports Bitcoin deposits and users are also allowed to trade assorted pairs in this trading platform.  

#4. Kraken

Kraken was rated as the #1 margin trading exchange for U.S residents. This exchange platform has been in existence since 2011 and has gained over 5 million users from the time it was launched. Depending on the crypto pair you are trading on, Kraken has low trading fees which range from 0.02%. This feature alone attracts traders because some traders perform countless transactions daily. This exchange offers 24/7 live chat with a real person. They also offer a pro trading feature – where traders are equipped with advanced features that makes trading very easy.  

#5. ByBit

ByBit is another unique crypto trading exchange that was founded in 2018 and as of today, it has more than 2 million users. Statistics from their database recorded that ByBit has over $10 billion trading volume under 24-hours. Users rated this platform reliable with about 99.99% as their system functionality and they have an amazing trading speed of about 100,000 trades per second. Traders love using ByBit because of their low trading fees which are about 0.075%. Of recent ByBit added spot trading; which is one of the most ultimate features that traders are looking for in every crypto margin trading exchange. In July, ByBit added four trading pairs which include; BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, and EOS/USDT.  

#6. FTX

FTX is one of the best crypto margin trading exchanges for advanced traders. This amazing trading platform is built by traders and it was designed for traders; so those features that you will expect in a trading platform are integrated into this trading platform. FTX offers features that are favourable for traders that trade on big and popular coins as well as traders that trade with altcoins; so you have the options to make choices. FTX supports prediction markets which traders can use to stake bets using their trading accounts for real-world events. Furthermore, FTX offers low trading fees in the crypto market as well as other advantages for crypto traders.  

#7. Phemex

Phemex is one of the best crypto margin trading exchanges when it comes to welcome bonus offers. This trading platform was launched in 2019 and because of its amazing features, it’s ranking among the top ten crypto trading exchanges in the world. Over the years, Phemex gained a unique name which is “a powerful spot and margin exchange” and they offer leverage that ranges from 5x to 100x. One of the features of this platform is that it’s very fast in functionality and also the platform is quite responsive. Also, this trading platform boasts of a response time which is less than a millisecond; this response time was taken when the platform handles more than 300 orders within a second with more than $1 billion in trading volume a day.  

#8. StormGain

StormGain is one of the best cryptocurrency trading exchanges available in crypto margin trading today. It is also rated as an all-in-one app for cryptocurrency. StormGain charges low fees for their transactions of which some are tagged zero fees. This platform offers its users multi-platform integrations with a user-friendly mobile app that allows traders to access some unique trading features and exchanges from anywhere around the globe. They also offer a wide range of additional features which will in turn help traders to earn extra money while using the platform. Some of these features are a loyalty program and a deposit interest that pays up to 12% annually, etc.  

#9. AscendEX

AscendEX is rated as one of the best crypto spots and margin exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency world. They offer more than 180 spot pairs and margin pairs. However, they have high trading fees which range from 0.2%. But despite this, they are still popular because of their reliability, functionality, and good user interface. On the other hand, AscendEX offers low funding fees as well as assorted payment (for deposit) methods.  

#10. Poloniex

Poloniex is one of the oldest crypto margin trading exchanges in the crypto platform. They have almost the best user interface coupled with internal unique features that traders enjoy while using this trading platform. Poloniex has awesome customer support; traders can get assistance easily through their active customer support. Furthermore, this trading platform has features that enable traders to effectively use margin leverage with lots of assistance.  




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