Shiba Price Prediction: 2022


Shiba Inu has been the talk of the town throughout 2021 due to its incredible growth in value; but the real question is, what will 2022 have in store for the Shiba Token? 

Shiba: The Best Affordable Investment? 

Shiba is a cryptocurrency created in August 2020 by an anonymous individual ( or possibly a group of people) that call themselves Ryoshi

It came into existence dubbing itself the doge-coin killer. Originally a meme of the dog breed Shiba Inu that went viral on social media.

The Shiba token has always been suspected to be a pump and dump scheme. This essentially means that the creators artificially drive up the price of the coin, leading to investors buying it. 

Post the drop in hype and fall in price, the owners “dump” it; leading to losses for the investors. 

But through early October 2021, the coin showed rapid growth of approximately 240% in one week. 

Some other sources also claim the value of the token gained about 850% per unit this month alone. 

Since bitcoin is so expensive and limited, the market is claimed to have turned towards a more open and cheaper alternative: the Shiba token. 

For $1 you can get yourself 14000 Shiba coins/tokens. Which if you do the math, gives a much higher return even with the smallest bit of growth in the value of a single unit. 

What Is In Store For The Upcoming Years For The Shiba Token? 

Shiba, despite becoming famous for its satirical nature and logo, is currently one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. 

According to the current price predictions, Shiba shows potential for incredible growth in the following years.

It is also worth noting that Elon Musk has been a great influence on the value of the coin. Every time the SpaceX CEO tweets about the coin its value goes up multifold.

The market today is what’s called a bullish market. This type of market favours the growth of multiple coins and low priced coins such as Shiba are expected to show exceptional growth, as already has been the case. 

Having said this, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Shiba. Chances of the value of the coin dropping due to the coin meeting or exceeding the demand always lurks around the corner. 

Another important factor to consider is that, no matter how much the coin’s value increases, it will never reach the value of $1 per coin; Why? The value of a single Shiba coin is $0.000077, its value can’t reach $, simply because there isn’t that much money to put into the market. 

Although, as is the value with other cryptocurrencies in the market, in the long haul, Shiba may run incredibly well and provide excellent returns. It’s all in the matter of the demand and supply of the coin. 

According to sources such as trading beasts, wallet investor’s forecast and the longforecast, the value of the coin is expected to grow quite well through the end of this year and over the next year.

As a low priced coin, it could count as an alternative painless investment, provide variety to your portfolio and provide great returns. 

Shiba might just be your best first investment in the crypto market today! 




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