Request a news story

Request a news story to be written and published on theCoin Times website by one of our cryptocurrency journalists.

Our Process

A/.Send an email to describing the news stories you’d want us to cover:

  1. The news story’s description and angle 
  2. Any pertinent information you’d like us to cover, along with links to accurate information we can reference
  3. Any specific businesses or individuals with quotes and links
  4. The date/time you wish to have it published

B/ Within 24 hours, we’ll either approve your request or contact you for additional information.

C/ You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

D/ Our authors will create a news piece for you and offer you a preview link for approval.

E/ We will publish your storey on our website once you have given your approval (in the main news feed and relevant category sections)

F/ Your news storey will be highlighted on the homepage’s main featured area for 18 hours and will be shared throughout our social media platforms.

G/ Additionally, the News Story will be published on Google News.


Example of our news stories