Peru’s heritage gets a new $125m home



The brand new museum south of Lima incorporates textiles and different lately repatriated artefacts Courtesy of the Museo Nacional del Perú

The Peruvian authorities has inaugurated the Museo Nacional del Perú (Muna), a $125m museum that was initiated by the ministry of tradition to protect the nation’s heritage and now boasts a group of practically 50,000 pre-Columbian objects.

The works have been transferred from the defunct Museo de la Nación, the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú and federal archives. Amongst them are artefacts that have been looted and returned to Peru, comparable to historic Andean textiles that have been repatriated in 2017 by the ethnographic museum Världskulturmuseerna in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Muna, which opened its foyer and 4 galleries in late July to mark the nation’s bicentennial, is not going to be totally operational till 2024. Designed in collaboration with the corporations Aldesa and OHL, it spans seven flooring and consists of an auditorium, storage areas, workshops and a analysis library. It plans to proceed increasing its assortment.

Among the many 4 exhibitions on view are one exploring the historic occasions that led to the establishment’s building and one other that recounts how Peru’s heritage has suffered from the illicit antiquities commerce and different threats to cultural preservation.

The museum has been in improvement since 2014 but it was first envisioned in 1822 by the liberator José de San Martín, who signed a proposal for the development of a nationwide museum, archive and library after Peru achieved independence from Spain.

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