Paris Hilton Gifts NFTs on Late Night Talk Show


On January 25, 2022, Paris Hilton, a well-known celebrity and NFT enthusiast, went live on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and gave free NFTs to every audience member.

Paris Hilton Isn’t Riding The NFT Wave

NFTs are unique, no doubt about that, and one thing they have been able to achieve is bringing people from different backgrounds together, sort of like a melting pot. Paris Hilton is an unlikely advocate of Crypto and NFTs, and no one can accuse her of being a bandwagon NFT enthusiast.


Hilton first began investing in Crypto in 2016, soon after kicking off her friendship with Ethereum’s founders. Since she made her first Crypto investment, there has been no turning back, and Hilton has gone as far as being one of the most prominent Crypto and NFT voices in Hollywood.

Paris Hilton’s NFT Giveaway

During her January 25th interview with Jimmy Fallon, Hilton talked about her upcoming NFT collection, Super Plastic on the Original Protocol, teasing it a bit and sharing that it would launch soon. It’s worth noting that Super Plastic is a digital collectible and toy creating company that has worked on Vinyl toys in the past.

Shortly after talking about Super Plastic, Paris displayed an assortment of memories created with her newlywed husband, Carter Reum. These memories were curated into an NFT collection called “My Forever Fairytale.” Paris shared the first NFT in her collection with the host, Jimmy Fallon, while the rest of the NFTs were gifted to audience members.

After the announcement, an excited Fallon proclaimed that the giveaway was the first-ever NFT giveaway in television history.

Jimmy Fallon: More Than a Talk Show Host

To say that Jimmy Fallon is an NFT enthusiast would be an understatement, and during his interview with Paris Hilton, he showed how excited and invested he is in the world of NFTs. During their interview, Paris and Jimmy discussed Bored Apes as they both own BAYC NFTs; Fallon showed off his stylish white Ape with red heart sunglasses, striped shirt, and a captain hat; he also showcased Hilton’s stylish, sunglasses donning, Red Ape.


In an earlier interview with Beeple, Jimmy Fallon shared that he purchased his Ape, BAYC #599, for an outstanding $225,000. This shows that Fallon is more than just a talk show host.

Social Media Frenzy

Before going on air, Paris shared the following on Twitter, Getting ready to go on @FallonTonight– who thinks I should gift him an #NFT on-air?? #LovesIt @JimmyFallon.

After the show aired, social media we

nt agog with everyone sharing their opinion about the world of NFTs and what this might mean going forward. Paris Hilton sold an NFT collection, “Iconic Crypto Queen,” in April 2021 for $1.1 million, and this was not her full collection. Her first full NFT collection promises to be exciting, and she and her team have done an excellent job putting the word out there and getting a lot of press around their upcoming collection.

@fallontonight shared the following Tweet on January 25th, 2022 “@ParisHilton surprises Tonight Show audience members by giving them their own NFTs! #FallonTonight




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