Nafty blockchain firm launches an erotic-themed NFT marketplace duped NaftyArt


Written by Charles Thuo

As NFTs popularity continues to exponentially rise, Nafty has launched an erotic-themed NFT marketplace called NaftyArt today.

Nafty blockchain firm is known for producing decentralized NSFW platforms like Nafty.TV and OnlyFans, which is a popular platform that was created to connect online sex workers to subscribers. The platform aims at generating revenue for adult content creators through the subscription model.

Nafty is promoting the NaftyArt platform as a way for adult content creators to generate more revenue outside of the subscription model.

“This way of content monetization was boosted by the recent announcement from fansite OnlyFans regarding their policies on explicit content. Although the decision was subsequently suspended, many adult creators are looking for a more secure way to earn from content,” Nafty said in the announcement.

The move to launch an erotic-themed NFT marketplace is aimed at providing a platform for adult-content creators and erotic artists to promote and sell their work as tokenized digital artwork without having to fear that their work will be removed or their accounts banned.

“Erotic Artists and Adult Content creators have been struggling for some time to get their work prominently featured on mainstream NFT marketplaces. A lot have found their work is removed as it contains nudity or at best they are shadowbanned, with potential buyers unable to see their work,” the announcement read.

The NaftyArt platform may also give some NFT advocates an excuse for investing huge amounts of money on NSFW content.

The woes of the OnlyFans platform

Earlier on, Nafty had announced plans to ban adult content on the OnlyFans platform though it revoked the idea following some policy controversy following a backlash from both creators and content connoisseurs. During the heated debate following OnlyFans’ decision to ban adult content, OnlyFans founder and CEO Tim Stokely said that the banks were the only reason that the platform was proposing the policy change to exclude adult content.

Stokely noted that several banking giants including JPMorgan Chase pulled out their services from OnlyFans because of “reputational risk” for associating with a platform that hosts sexually explicit content. JPMorgan, for example, is very aggressive in closing accounts of sex workers or any business that backs sex workers.

Pornhub, an online pornographic site, ran into similar issues in the past and payment processors including PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa pulled away from the site; something that pushed the site to turn towards using cryptocurrencies for payments. It in particular tuned to using Verge (XVG), which it had partnered with in 2018., which is an alternative NSFW platform to OnlyFans, is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and users use its native NAFTY token as a utility token for payments.




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