My perfectionism (and ironically lack of attention to detail) caused me to burn about $700,000- $1M in NFTs on accident… : ethereum



So I was a big collector of the Spells of Genesis cards on the BTC blockchain back in the day, and have been enjoying seeing NFTs take off in the Ethereum space as well. I was delighted to see that Emblem Finance had found a way to create vaults to allow trading of these old BTC assets on opensea

I jumped on board and filled one vault with an entire set of cards. It’s the only full set available on Opensea that I know of. I did a second vault with only 4 cards, including a satoshicard and an FDcard- two of the rarest cards in existence, and listed them for sale.

HOWEVER- In the description of the second vault, I listed some erroneous information about FDcard, stating that it was not divisible like the Satoshicard. This drove me crazy, so I decided to claim that vault, take out the cards, and create another vault with the accurate information. So I created the second vault, but then once it was created I noticed there was a small grammatical error (I repeated a phrase). I hadn’t put any cards in it yet, and the error bothered me, so I decided to just send that vault to the burn address and do it again. So I did.

I then created the third vault, and got the text just how I wanted. Then I went to fill this new vault with the cards, and this is where I F**ed up. I apparently still had the tab open on emblem finance for the burned vault, and I took the BTC address from that one rather than the newest one. Each card that I sent I checked and rechecked to make sure the address matched, which it did… but the vault was in the burn address. So I sent away- a Satoshicard, an FDcard, a Satoshilite, and and Ethereumcard.

One by one the transactions confirmed. And my vault remained empty. Refresh refresh refresh…. nothing. It must be a bug, I said. But then I pulled up the address on the counterparty explorer, and all 4 cards were there. And then the possibility of the worst case scenario leaked into my brain, and I rejected it. I had triple checked! But, I looked at the burn address account on opensea, and there it was. “My” vault, and “my” cards.

Here they are if anyone wishes to pay their respects. “Fewer complete cards complete cards….”

They have now been sacrificed to the Gods of Stupidity. I’m very happy that it was the 4 set rather than the full set. I can only look on the bright side and realize that there are now 198 Satoshicards and 299 FDcards in existence, so my other cards are more rare. And maybe I have a tax writeoff? TBD.

Taking an ambien and going to sleep. I’ll be ok, this really sucks but I’ll put it in perspective. If losing some JPEGs is the worst thing that happens to me then I’ll take it.

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