My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction for 2022


How about investing in a crypto token that’s starkly different to its competitors? My Neighbor Alice is an open-world blockchain video game that has elements of NFTs and decentralised finance at its core. It is developed by Antler Interactive and is a multiplayer farm builder game that appeals to the gaming community alongside the blockchain community. 


The game offers a set of islands that players can own and customize according to their taste. Being a multiplayer game, players also can show off their islands to others and meet new people in the game. The assets owned by the players are represented by NFTs. 

What is the ALICE Token? 

ALICE is the native governance token for the game, which was introduced in March 2021 following a Strong Holder Offering conducted by DAO Maker. It is based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 framework and uses proof-of-work (POW) for network security. 


People owning the token can participate in the governance process through the community council. This council is responsible for game development, allocation of revenue and growth. They also propose improvements and decide the budget. 




ALICE tokens can be earned through in-game participation in quests and other events such as competitions. Users can also stake the token to earn a share of the platform revenue. 

Benefits of ALICE Crypto 

Here are some of the pros of the ALICE token and the project. 

Plans for Growth & Mass Appeal 

The game is similar to Animal Crossing, but also has elements of decentralised finance, DeFi, which is an up-and-coming crypto niche as well. The retail build of the game is expected to be launched in January, which would help the game reach an ever wider audience than before. 

Strong Potential 

The NFT niche is in its very early stages, and there is a long way to go before the concept experiences a boom. Incorporating NFTs strongly into the core concepts of the game makes it one for the future. 


Players also have the ability to lend their NFTs and ALICE tokens, which is one of the things that makes the game unique. The lending of NFTs extends to external NFT marketplaces as well, such as Treasureland.

Important Details

In March 2021, ALICE hit its all-time high, being valued at $42.55. But only three months later, it hit its all-time low, $3.19. While it is up 250% from its lowest point, it remains extremely volatile and bearish in recent times. 


Moreover, it might take some years before the NFT game niche experiences a gigantic boom. 

Price Analysis for the Short and Long Term 

At the time of writing, ALICE is trading at $11.49. Over the last three months, it peaked at $28.44 on November 25 before falling down to half the value. The circulating supply of the coin is 30 million, while the total and maximum supply is set at 100 million. 


WalletInvestor predicts the token to be worth $16.723 in one year. In five years, they predict the coin to be worth $40.741. 


PricePrediction estimates that the coin will experience a significant increase by 2023, with an average value of $23.24. By 2027, they expect the value to skyrocket to $105.59. 

User Comments 

A significant point to note about the game is that there are no direct competitors. Decentraland and The Sandbox are the most similar games to My Neighbor Alice, but they aren’t the same. 


As a result, the ALICE coin has uncontested room to grow and could become huge in a span of a few years, especially given the number of expansion projects that have been planned for the game.





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