Lead Wallet: The All In One Crypto Wallet Solution


Lead Wallet is a simple, secure and decentralized multi-crypto e-wallet that enables users to have access to DeFi and multiple other crypto use cases. An E-wallet is a form of electronic account that serves as an online payment option for clients, allowing them to pay for a variety of online expenses, and send and receive money quickly

With the recent rise in digital currencies and global crypto adoption, there has been a rise in e-wallets that are crypto native.

Crypto users around the world can now effortlessly use various crypto e-wallets when buying, selling, moving money, and regulating their spending ability with just an account and a phone.

What is the Lead Wallet?




Lead Wallet is a decentralized multi-crypto wallet that allows users to keep and trade their digital assets safely. Cryptocurrencies on the platform include cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, VOL, LAMB, LTC, stablecoins, ERC-20 tokens, and over 100 more cryptocurrencies that are all supported within the Lead Wallet. 

In the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world, the role of crypto wallets cannot be overemphasised. They offer a viable way to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies among users in the space. 

This method of payment is extremely simple and quick, allowing you to save both time and money. However, there’s a challenge where there exist a lot of wallets for various purposes and Blockchains.

However, the Lead Wallet has come out as an innovative solution that offers interconnectedness of blockchains and offers a singular wallet solution for global finance. 

The Lead Wallet team applies the best user Interface and security principles to simplify the use of our platform’s capabilities across all networks, making it even easier for users.

Lead Wallet’s Founding Team?

The Lead team members and advisors are globally distributed however the founders include; Chianakwalam Eliezer who is a Co-Founder and CEO of Lead wallet. He has a rich experience in blockchain, leading many successful projects. 

Henry Onyebuchi who’s also a co-founder and CTO. Henry Onyebuchi is a smart-contract developer with vast years’ experience in building robust decentralized applications in the blockchain industry including Despace protocol.

Ruddy Setiadi Gunawan is the final co-founding team member and Chief Technical Advisor. Ruddy has been working professionally in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017 and a top cybersecurity expert. 

How Does Lead Wallet Work?

Users of the Lead Wallet interface can pay bills such as their utility bills, energy, and water bills, among other things. Users can also pay for and subscribe to their favourite games and paid television, as well as purchase gift cards, gaming cards, recharge and data cards, and send money to online retailers like Jumia and Konga, as well as other worldwide marketplace e-Wallets. 

Furthermore, users of the Lead wallet can book flights, place food orders, and make hotel reservations at their leisure without the requirement for fiat conversion.

The Lead ecosystem is driven by the Lead token, which is utilized to assure wallet engagement, reduce transaction fees, and increase wallet user growth. 

LEAD, as a utility token, aids in the operation of the Lead Wallet app while also allowing consumers to pay less for more transactional value.

Features Of the Lead Wallet

  1. Multisender Feature: With the lead wallet app, users of Lead Wallet can send cryptocurrencies to hundreds of cryptocurrency addresses in a single or few batch transactions for a lower fee using the multi-sender payroll system. Lead Wallet is a multi-Chain crypto Wallet and supports many blockchain.


  1. The Swap Feature: users of this innovative app solution are able to carry out crypto-crypto as well as crypto-fiat on-ramp services. No more moving money across multiple channels, lead wallet serves it best in one place. 


  1. Another feature is Lead-Stake: this allows users who possess PoS, DPoS-based currencies, and other related coins to stake their coins directly in the wallet and collect staking benefits based on the blockchain’s staking reward payment. In addition, Lead Wallet offers its users the Lead-Switch feature, which allows them to rapidly swap or exchange their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies for a lower transaction charge with almost no slippage. It will assist our users in staying on track at all times.


  1. The De-Fi Access Tab: The app also has a tab which allows users to interact with DApps such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc. This allows a lot of Dapp interaction and accessibility.


  1. The Multi-Chain NFT Wallet: With Lead Wallet, you can have a single wallet you could use to store to purchase NFTs whether on the ethereum, solana or polygon platform. 


  1. App Safety: One of the safest ways to hold your cryptocurrency is with a Lead Wallet. The platform is safely optimised to maintain top security.


  1. Convenience: The Lead wallet user experience is top and simple to navigate. It also has a dark mode, which lots of users love for night vision usage. 


Why Should You Get A Lead Wallet?

The Lead Wallet team aren’t attempting to create something new or trying to build a new blockchain ecosystem that no one will utilize. They seem to recognize that the most significant barrier to cryptocurrency adoption is a lack of user-friendly and attractive apps. Cryptocurrency wallets are the entry point to adoption because they are frequently the first program that newbies interact with before moving on to other types of apps. 

The Lead wallet is attempting to take the lead in this adoption of cryptocurrencies globally through simple solutions and everyday use cases. 








The Lead Wallet Innovation is truly a remarkable one and one that will serve its purpose of simplifying Web3 blockchain adoption.  It is also available on the iOS or Android app store.  All you have to do is search and download Lead Wallet from the Android play store or the iOS app store to access all of Lead Wallets product offering. 

Setting up your Lead wallet account takes a few minutes, and you can start using Lead wallet services right away.

Let’s keep winning and decentralizing solutions, WAGMI. 




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