Last-Minute Crypto Airdrops Before December Ends!


Airdrops remain an effective way to give value to crypto-assets, increase visibility, circulate supplies, and facilitate trade.    Airdrops are the distribution of free coins to the community. Most give you access to tokens after you have participated in referring to social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter. This way, DeFi projects gain awareness and visibility. While it is a technique used to promote the success of a project by creating a vast network of users, it is beneficial to the project owners and participants. Participants are rewarded with free tokens, and projects can also increase the value of their assets when users hold their coins for a long time.    With end dates of December 22 and December 27, here are two airdrops that you still have time to get involved in before the end of the year!

Thunder Lands 

  Thunder Lands is well known for being the best adventure game in the industry. The platform is powered by different blockchain mechanisms and metagaming characteristics to provide users with an immersive visual experience. The end date for the Thunder Lands airdrop is December 27, 2021.    Thunder Lands has brought a twist into the blockchain gaming space because of its immersive visuals and fascinating storyline. The game has made its way to crypto headlines and is already live on Heco Chain and it’s set to announce more than 5000 players as winners. It has a total prize pool of$75,000. Participants of the airdrop will be rewarded with valuable NFTs for free.  

Wolf Safe Poor Polygon (WSPP)

  This cryptocurrency seeks to reduce poverty globally. It is the first of its kind. A next-generation decentralized marketing platform built on Binance Smart Chain to help get capital. It seeks to help those who are less fortunate around the world through a decentralized application and to provide a solution to the issue of fundraising by promoting investment in cryptocurrency since it is secured and cannot be easily hacked.    The end date of the WSPP airdrop is December 22, 2021. The total airdrop amount is worth 110,000,000 WSPP tokens. 5,000 winners will be chosen from the 516,689 participants. To participate in this airdrop, users are to follow Radio WSPP, Founder WSPP, and Moralis’s Twitter account. Retweet the pinned tweet on the WSPP official Twitter handle and tag three friends. Join the community on Telegram. To complete the process, log into the Wolfible Dapps with your wallet address.   

How to Participate In these Airdrops

  Bounty airdrops aren’t complicated; the major requirements include an active Twitter account, Medium, Telegram and Wallet.    These crypto airdrops require you to follow the respective official pages on Twitter and retweet their tweets and refer three friends. Join the community on Medium, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.    Good luck!  




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