Kucoin To The Moon! Why?


Kucoin is a Secure and Professional Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that includes the following features:

Legal Compliance, Ease of Use, Advanced Technologies, Robust System, Fund Security, and 24/7 Customer Service.

As with the majority of the world’s top-level exchanges, Kucoin has featured KCS, SNT, MTH, EOS, BTM, BHC, CVC, USDT, OMG, NEO, KNC, PAY, QTUM, BTC, LTC, WTC, GAS, ETH, and HSR, and has just added BBR and RPX. And will be adding hundreds of more hot tokens throughout the next month.

I believe it has considerable promise, and my analysis is as follows:

  • The 80% reduction on trading fees for all coins on Kucoin will expire on October 27th. Following that, the benefit associated with keeping KCS will double 2 times, i.e., 4X. At the same time, KCS investors continue to get a bonus of 50% or more of trading fees from the Kucoin team. The majority of Kucoin users like trading on Kucoin and will continue to do so.
  • Before November, Kucoin will offer many other hot tokens with a significant market valuation, including the 1st ICO project endorsed by NEO — RedPulse, which is well-known, and Kucoin will be the exclusive exchange to list such token. This move will benefit Kucoin in two ways: first, it will increase trade volume, and second, it will increase awareness of Kucoin and KCS. For instance, trading RedPulse (RPX) would quickly elevate Kucoin to the top tier of exchanges. This is a brilliant move.
  • In comparison to Binance, Kucoin crypto has received more positive user comments, even though its market valuation is just around a third to half that of BNB. As a result, it still has a lot of space to grow. However, others argue that KCS is not deserved the hefty price paid only a few weeks ago. To this, I would want to respond that Binance believes it is large enough and is reluctant to alter to better its service to customers. That is why the price of Binance/BNB has decreased from the previous week. Simultaneously, KCS continues to develop steadily. The reason the KCS price has become so high is that the Kucoin team returns a large portion of its earnings to its customers and KCS shareholders, which amounts to around 90% of its income. This is why KCS continues to develop.
  • The majority of tokens featured on Kucoin had twice or three times the trading volume of the previous day. As you’ll see, it is rapidly expanding. It will provide KCS holders with a constantly expanding benefit. The crew is receptive to customer feedback and keeps their work current. Consider Binance and Bittrex, or any other top-level exchanges; they do nothing but generate money these days. Kucoin, on the other hand, has a very distinct style.
  • Kucoin’s staff is efficient and competent in platform development and community development. The number of participants in numerous Kucoin groups is expanding at a breakneck pace. One senior Kucoin manager, Kent Li, and his two assistants are constantly online within the Kucoin community, communicating with and receiving input directly from Kucoin users & KCS investors, nearly 24/7. We’ve never seen another exchange quite like Kucoin. Regarding the platform’s development log, you can get the most up-to-date version here:
  • This month, the Kucoin exchange & KCS token were listed on CoinMarketCap, and as a result, more people will become aware of them via these platforms. Additionally, Blockflio has announced on its official Twitter account that it will be included immediately after CoinMarketCap.
  • The Kucoin team is in the process of revising their whitepaper to better fully clarify Kucoin and KCS and will publish a revised edition before next week.
  • Kucoin’s development team is currently working on mobile applications, including Android and iOS versions, which will be released shortly. Kucoin will be more convenient for users.
  • The value of KCS has been consistently increasing over the last month; this is not a bump & pump token.

Kucoin is supported by many prominent financial figures, which ensures that the Kucoin team will never be out of funds. Thus, they can concentrate their efforts on growing and offering ever-better service to consumers, rather than battling with them over petty interests.

Concerning competing with consumers for their interests, look no further than Bittrex, which hoards all of its users’ NEO GAS like a thief.
One of the primary issues with Kucoin at the moment is the referral scheme. The program could be seen as being detrimental to company health, but those in the community who have been lobbying, have been publicly chastised for sharing referral links on numerous sites.




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