Is Virtual Reality The Reality Of The Future?


2021 just got more exciting. Similar to how PC’s were in the 1980’s, virtual reality is still in its infancy. But that’s all going to change soon – in spite of notable setbacks in the last decade like the Kinect debacle or the closing down of Google Lens.

A lesser known crypto, Decentraland (MANA) had gains of over 500% following Facebook’s announcement of their investment in the metaverse. 

So, how can MANA help shape the future of virtual reality?

Here’s an in-depth look at Metaverse, MANA, and Facebook crypto and their impact on our lives.

How Can Virtual Reality Be Our reality?

The limitations of the physical world can easily be overcome by the innovation of a virtual world instead. This has been seen with the boom of cryptocurrencies. The growth of bitcoin from less than $1 to over $60000 happened right before our eyes in just 10 years. 

The advantages of virtual reality outweigh those of our physical world, therefore it may be our future. 

What Does The Future Hold?

The future seems to be one where we have assets in cryptocurrencies.

Facebook’s announcement of its rebranding to Meta in the last week of October drove up the price for the virtual reality platform, Decentraland, almost overnight by just under 400%. 

Why? Here’s A Breakdown:

Facebook is an established platform with over 1 billion users worldwide. This essentially means there are 1 billion customers readily available for multiple business opportunities, in what is a whole new world with apparent limitless possibilities. 

Investing in these metaverse platforms is to invest in the future of the social media game and virtual interactions on the whole.

Decentraland is a metaverse created using similar beliefs, and it already has a head start on Facebook’s meta. 

MANA currency is currently a very affordable investment option in the crypto world; which leaves room for incredible growth and development for Decentraland as a metaverse and for MANA as crypto, in the next 5 years. 

The Math:

MANA crypto started at the price of less than a dollar, post the boom of the price it reached the value of over $4. Currently, the value of MANA is around $2.58.

Analysts have predicted the following values for the future of MANA currency:

  • Gov Capital’s analysts have predicted the value of MANA to reach $1.52 by the end of October 2022. 
  • DigitalCoinPrice analysts on the other hand predict the value of the MANA currency to reach the number $1.91 by the end of this year itself. 
  • Wallet Investor’s analysts seem to agree with the MANA predictions of GovCapital, as they too claimed the coin would see slight growth, and reach the value of $1.52 by the end of October of 2022.
  • Longforecast or the economy forecast agency’s analysts predict the value of MANA currency to drop down to the value of $1.15 by the end of this year, but pick up in pace and reach the value of $3.02 by the end of 2022.

The Aftermath:

The concept of virtual reality and 3D interactions are still very much in the early phases and the acceptance and growth of this dystopian concept is something we cannot predict. Having said that, metaverses can help us to overcome the limitations of the physical world in many ways and this may be the very reason for the success of Facebook’s Meta and Decentraland’s metaverse.




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