Is Gold Losing The Race Against Crypto As An Inflation Hedge?


Paul Tudor Jones
, the billionaire hedge fund manager, has said that bitcoin is presently his favored technique for hedging inflation.

Who is Paul?

  • Paul Tudor Jones II, a hedge fund manager, is well-known for his macroeconomic wagers, notably his bets on lending rates and currencies.
  • Tudor Investment Corporation, a company that he created in 1980, presently oversees around $11 billion in assets.
  • Jones began his career at his father’s small business newspaper, Memphis Daily News, and where he wrote throughout high school & college under the pen name Paul Eagle.
  • He began his trading career there at New York Cotton Market, where he was mentored by legendary cotton dealer Eli Tullis.
  • He co-founded his Robin Hood Foundation in 1988 with the objective of alleviating poverty throughout New York City.

What Does He Think?

In a recent interview with CNBC, Paul Tudor Jones said that cryptocurrency has recently served as an excellent hedge and is outpacing gold.

Whereas the new Bitcoin contracts (ETF) exchange-traded fund is indeed a regulated and respectable product, the billionaire believes that owning genuine Bitcoin is a superior investment.

According to the investor, adopting Bitcoin is an integral portion of the American spirit and China’s unwillingness to do so could have economic ramifications in the future.

“Crypto was an excellent hedge… As I said before, I maintain a portfolio of single-digit cryptocurrencies. I own a minor investment in our mutual fund. I believe we are headed toward a more computerized world. Crypto obviously has a place, and it really is clearly leading the race versus gold at the moment. Thus, I believe it would also be an excellent inflation hedge. At the time, I prefer crypto over gold.”

While the newest Bitcoin Trading (ETF) Exchange Traded Fund is indeed a regulated and genuine product, the billionaire feels that holding actual Bitcoin is a superior investment.

“I believe a more effective method to enter would be to acquire real bitcoin and devote time to learning how to own & wear it. I believe that the ETF would be good. I believe that the fact that this is SEC authorized should provide you with significant peace of mind.”

According to the investor, Bitcoin acceptance is intrinsic to the American spirit, but China is not.

China’s unwillingness to do so might have long-term economic consequences for the nation.

“I believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay. You do understand this is the United States, correct? We are the world’s main economic force because we allow individual enterprise and innovation to flourish. And as you can see, China is doing the reverse. This location is economically advantageous for anyone traveling by slow boat to the South Pole. As long as the United States is able to unleash its entrepreneurs, we will always maintain a leading position.”




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