Is DECENT worth the investment?


is attractive to thousands of investors who prioritize innovation. The DECENT group has established itself as a trailblazer in the blockchain industry and is now working on several projects to make DeFi more accessible to different industries.

DCT has been performing well in recent months, but is it worth your time and effort? 

Our expert analysis will tell you everything you need to know.

What is DCore?

DECENT encourages mass adoption of blockchain technologies with DCore to ensure a DECENTralized future. 

DCore is a versatile blockchain platform with plenty of unique features for different industries. It combines DPoS and file-sharing protocols. It is highly customizable and allows for the integration of multiple blockchain features. DCore allows for easy file distribution and large file storage. Moreover, it is secure because of its decentralized nature and the absence of a single point of failure.

What is DCT?

DCT works like a cryptocurrency, and you will need it for transactions. It is also responsible for funding the witnesses that keep DCore functional. The circulating supply of DCT increases via block rewards earned by the delegated witnesses. You have to create an account on DCore to get DCT. You can earn the currency by trading on exchanges or through personal transfers and direct payment gateways. You will need access to a DCT enabled wallet to store your DCT.

New Developments

DECENT developed DCTDAO as the most interconnected DEX and DeFi ecosystems in the world. It is powered by $DCTD Tokens and is highly secure because of Quantum Proof security measures. 

The DCore Bridge is one of the blockchains you can integrate with DCTDAO. It is a DApp made by DECENT to connect DCore based tokens (UIA) to Polygon and Avalanche. It wraps the DCT so you can use it on other blockchain platforms. When DCT is wrapped on a smart contract, it becomes usable on blockchains like Avalanche and Polygon.

Cost-price analysis

DECENT boasts of a current supply of 73,197,775 and 51,306,089 are in circulation. As of 12th October 2021, DECENT was priced at 0.007811 USD, and it went up by 3.04% in 24 hours. Its 7-day all-time high is 0.007861 USD, and the current price is -0.64% below it. However, it is 12.10% above its 7-day all-time low of 0.006967 USD, which is a good sign. If you are interested in buying DCT, now is a good time to do so because the cryptocurrency is currently retaining its value in a stable manner.

What does the future hold?

DECENT is already working on DCore Bridge, and it will most likely be completed by December 2021. Efforts are being made to separate the DECENT Enterprise and DCTDAO. It will be interesting to see how these future changes will affect the pricing of DCT tokens.

Final Thoughts

DECENT is an innovative blockchain project that will surely improve the existing connections among different blockchains. DCT is also increasing in value slowly but steadily. However, do your research and consider the risks before making a crypto investment.




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