Is A Crocs NFT Collection Coming Soon?


In 2022, many brands will be making their first steps into the world of NFTs, and Crocs Inc does not plan to be left behind in the NFT game.


It’s almost impossible to live in the modern world and not be familiar with Crocs or the Crocs brand. For years, Crocs, Inc., makers of the world-famous foam clogs, have created and sold numerous variations of their chunky clogs.


The main reason why many believe that 2022 will be the year we welcome our first Crocs NFTs is a trademark application filed on January 11 to the USPO. The Crocs brand is expanding into the digital world, and with that comes a wide array of downloadable digital media assets. Nobody can definitively say when the first NFT collection will drop, but we can expect digital tokens, digitcollectablesles, NFTs, and digital assets when it does drop.


Crocs NFT Collection

At this point in the journey of NFTs, it would be counter-productive for any forward-thinking brand not to embrace the opportunities associated with NFTs.


The first step on Crocs’ NFT journey was when they filed a trademark application for an intent-to-use basis, which heavily indicates that Crocs, Inc is interested in issuing and releasing NFTs to the public.

Though Crocs are yet to make an official statement regarding their NFT plans, direction, or roadmap, due to the way NFTs are structured, it’s easy to pinpoint telltale signs that brands or individuals are in the process of releasing an NFT drop.


It’s not unreasonable for Crocs to pursue digital wearables as part of their future NFT collections; if they go down this path, they will not be the first brand to offer downloadable virtual clothing items.


Digital Wearables: The Future of Fashion

The demand for digital wearables is at an all-time high, and brands like Crocs, Nike & Adidas are at the forefront of this demand for digital footwear. When Adidas’ maiden NFT launch earned them over $22 Million, it showed how much potential there is in the NFT market.


Nike also made their big push into the world of NFTs by acquiring digital shoemaking brand RTFKT in December 2021. Nike’s CEO expressed how they expect this move to help accelerate Nike’s digital transformation.


A New Reality

Brands have naturally flocked to the Metaverse because they stand to earn a considerable amount of income that would have been impossible a few years ago. If Crocs decides to move to digital footwear, it’ll be a natural progression as most brands work hard to achieve a first-mover advantage.


2021 saw an incredible amount of avatars selling for thousands and millions of dollars in some instances, and when people spend a lot on avatars, they’ll have the appetite for customization.





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