How You Can Mint NFTs Without Spending Money?


I don’t think there is any need to emphasise the rise of NFTs in the Crypto world. From celebrities to companies, different people are hopping into NFTs. The problem with getting into NFTs however is that you actually need significantly more money than you will need if you wanted to get started in crypto. Unlike cryptocurrencies, you can’t buy an NFT in denominations either. Even if you can get over those factors, the gas fees in NFT marketplaces are very high, making trading them quite expensive.



But wait, you have probably asked yourself if it was possible to make your own NFT. Instead of buying a bored ape NFT can’t you just make your own excited penguin NFT? Well, good news you can. It turns out making your own NFT is a lot easier and cheaper than making your own cryptocurrency. In fact, with the right platforms, you can mint your NFT practically for free.

Minting your NFT is simply adding your NFT to the Ethereum blockchain. Although NFT takes a commission from you when your NFTs are sold, the gas fees required for you to mint an NFT are still very high. The more things are added to the blockchain the higher the fees will become. The blockchain gets more congested and congested every day and this means prices are only going to get higher. 


However, some platforms have gone beyond their way to make the process of Minting an NFT relatively cheaper and easier. In today’s article, I will go through these various platforms and also how you can get people to buy your NFTs which is the end goal.


Open Sea 

Just as Binance is the number one go-to platform for cryptocurrencies, Open Sea is the number one go-to platform for NFTs. It is arguably the best NFT marketplace available. They provide you with the option to bundle your NFTs and sell them at a go, which is something all marketplaces do not do and even goes as far as spending gas fees for their users. How better can it get you may ask. Well, a bit more. Open Sea now has an interface that allows users to easily create NFTs for free. However, you will still need to pay a fee before you can sell your NFT. A free minting limit has been added to help the fight against scams.




Still a reputable NFT platform, unlike Open Sea, Mintable makes both making and selling an NFT free. The platform has zero minting fees and is gradually becoming the most visited NFT marketplace. Something I actually find annoying about Minatable is their very long registration process.  Although it is not very user-friendly when compared to Open sea, if you are looking for a way to mint your NFTs entirely free, you should definitely check this platform out.



This platform offers something they call “lazy minting”.  When conventionally minting an NFT, it is required that you pay your minting fees upfront. However, in lazy minting provided by Rarible, users can entirely skip the minting process when making NFTs. 


Although this means that the buyers would now have to pay the fees, weird but the main focus of this article is how to not pay minting fees when minting your NFTs right?


Now you know the various platforms you can use, the next question you would ask yourself is how to get people to buy your NFTs.


Collaborate with Other artists: You know how when an upcoming musician features a popular musician in his song he automatically becomes popular because definitely, the fan base of the already popular musician would get to know the upcoming musician, it is exactly like collaborating with other NFT artists. They do not necessarily have to make the NFTs with you, a little collaboration can lead to a promo, and boom, his audience is now part of your audience as well.


Social Media

Emphasising the marketing power of social media is a waste of time. We all know-how using the right hashtags, posting good pictures or videos, and using the right caption can bring a lot of consumers to your business. You can use different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit to market your NFTs.

I still advise that you save some money and pay for promotions as it will make more people get to know your NFT and that leads us to the final way of getting people to buy your NFTs.


Reach out to social media influencers

Promoting your art through social media influencers is a very good way for you to create awareness. In this day and age,  people would most of the time rather take advice from a social media influencer than an actual expert. Who cares what a computer engineer thinks about a laptop when a famous social media influencer says it’s good. By reaching out to a social media influencer with a very loyal audience, you can get more people to know about your NFTs.


Although you can make and sell NFTs for free, I still strongly advise you to save some money and put them into promotions.





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