How exactly do “sync committees” help a light client sync up in Eth 2.0 Altair hard fork? : ethereum



I’ve learn just a few issues in github about “sync committees” in Eth 2.0 Altair onerous fork. For instance:

enable gentle purchasers to simply sync up with the header chain with very low computational and knowledge price. The aim is to make a lightweight consumer straightforward and environment friendly sufficient that it may be run inside any surroundings (cell system, embedded {hardware}, browser extension, and even inside one other smart-contract-capable blockchain)

Additionally noticed some code right here:

Nevertheless it isn’t clear to me what precisely these sync committees do to assist a lightweight consumer sync (for instance, do they retailer checkpoints from block headers and supply signatures to gentle purchasers that the proof of stake consensus has developed accurately?) And likewise not clear to me how this ensures {that a} gentle consumer can’t be “fooled” by an attacker to simply accept a fabricated chain.

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