Female Artists Producing NFTs To Inspire Women Around The World


Women seem to be more interested in the NFT area than in other crypto-related industries, although more educational awareness is still required to encourage greater involvement.

Many technologically competent women are still unfamiliar with NFTs, despite the fact that the industry is relatively young. As a result, there is a significant learning curve to surmount.

Athan Slotkin, an entrepreneur and investor said that as more individuals become aware of the economics underlying NFTs, they will want to capitalise on the opportunities they provide, including among females.

Raising Awareness Through Various Programs

While education is still needed in all areas of cryptocurrencies and NFT, it is vital to note that female-led organisations have recently been formed to assist in raising awareness about these things in a non-threatening atmosphere.

For example, Women in Blockchain Talks intends to establish a female-centric NFT Marketplace named Women in Blockchain Talks in the near future. The marketplace will be based on the Rarible protocol and will act as a gathering place for female artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and creators to come together and encourage one another.


Another example is Women Rise which is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs showcasing female activists, artists, scientists, programmers, and other professionals. The aim of the initiative is to ‘see women rise on the blockchain’ according to its mission statement.

In order to make the metaverse more reflective of women and disadvantaged groups, it will serve as a gathering space where people can provide support while also participating in the movement.

More Interests In Learning Crypto, NFT Among Females

It is worth noting that, despite the growth of blockchain-based digital artwork, many of the artists responsible for producing today’s most sought-after NFTs are male.

Data also indicates that women are significantly underrepresented in the NFT industry as a whole. For example, according to a recent study performed by Bitcoin exchange Gemini, around 25% of current crypto holders are female.

However, the study also found that more women than males expressed an interest in being engaged in the industries in the near future.


Creativity In Making NFT As Potential Factor

Women in Blockchain Talks founder Lavinia Osbourne told Cointelegraph that the NFT sector may be more attractive to females because it focuses on creativity.

“Learning new terminology and concepts such as DeFi, blockchain, and crypto wallets, let alone comprehending these concepts, requires a significant amount of work and effort. Art, on the other hand, is far more interesting to look at,” she explained.

In addition, it is essential to note that there are, and will be, more other female artists who have started developing NFT projects in order to demonstrate increasing female involvement while also attempting to attract more females to the cryptocurrency industry.

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