Excitement Builds For Cool Pets NFT Collection Launch


Cooltopia, the world of Cool Cats, is welcoming 20,000 new residents to the Cooluniverse. On January 28th, the New Cool Pets NFT collection will go live.

Cool Cats: The Prequel

To understand what Cool Pets are, we need to first look into the existence of Cool Cats. The Cool Cats NFT Collection is a collection featuring 9,999 NFTS, and these NFTs are randomly generated and exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.


As a Cool Cats holder, you can enjoy the following perks: participation in exclusive events such as giveaways, raffles, NFT claims, and much more. Amazingly, the 1st generation of Cool Cats consists of 9,999 randomly assembled cats from a pool of over 300,000 options. These cats all have a variety of colors, faces, and outfits and are sorted on a point basis.


Cool Cats are sorted on a scale of 3 – 10 points, and the points system is determined by what each cat is made of. Basic items like hats or beanies are worth minimal points, but rare items like ape outfits and computer heads can considerably increase the value of a Cat. Your Cool Cat points also determine how likely you are to breed in Gen 2 and win contests.

Cool Pets: The Prequel

The Cools Pets launch has been in the works for a while, and honestly, the NFT community has grown tired as we have had to wait for months due to operational issues that caused launch postponements. The Cool Pets NFT Collection was first announced in September 2021 and pushed back twice, and now it seems like this highly anticipated collection will finally drop in Q1 2022.


Cool Pets will feature 20,000 NFTs, and half of the NFTs in this collection will be reserved for current holders of Cool Cats. If you’re not currently a Cool Cats holder, you’ll have to choose from a pool of 10,000 Cool Pets.


Cool Pets will be available in various elemental types like Grass, Air, Water, Fire; they’ll also be interactive and given the ability to go on quests in the Cool Cats Cooltopia. It makes a lot of sense for a popular project like Cool Cats to release a sequel to its successful original, other successful collections have released companion collections such as Thingies, KingFrogs, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and much more, and these companions have helped these projects capitalize on demand through expanding their offering.

Third Time’s A Charm?

As stated earlier, the Cool Pets project is one project that has been plagued with issues that have stopped it from launching. After its announcement in September 2022, it was initially scheduled to launch in Q3 2021; unfortunately, it was pushed back to the middle of December due to bandwidth issues on the developing team. 


A new release date was set for January 28, and this tweet was sent out by @coolcatsnft COOL PETS. JANUARY 28, 2022 on January 6







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