Egonauts NFTs: All About The NFT Hall Of Fame


The cryptocurrency and NFT industry has attracted a lot of investors since its introduction. Behind the success, failures, and innovations of each crypto or NFT project, there are individuals behind them. The Order of the Egonauts NFT project was launched to remember those who have contributed to the growth of the crypto and NFT industry. 

In other words, the Egonauts NFT was founded to create an illustrated historical record of the pioneers and innovators of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This NFT project was established in February 2022 and is expected to release new Egonauts over 12 months. 

Egonauts NFTs: All About The NFT Hall Of Fame

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What Is The Order Of The Egonauts NFT Project? 

The Order of the Egon

auts NFT is an NFT collection that was created as a tribute to the individuals that have had some impact in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. According to the description on the NFT collection’s official Twitter profile, it is a “12-month homage to the heroes and villains of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech”. The first Egonaut that was created by this NFT project was to honour the founder of the blockchain (Ethereum) in which the majority of all the NFT activities are currently carried out, Vitalik Buterin

Starting from when the project was unveiled, each month on average, 101 pieces of original artwork will be released in the dedication of a specific personality. This means that in 12 months, 1,212 pieces of NFTs will be released in honour of 12 personalities. 

What Do The Order Of The Egonauts NFTs Look Like?

According to those behind this NFT project, 101 original NFTs will be released every month in honour of a particular personality for twelve months. For each series that is released, thousands of trait combinations will be handpicked as a one-of-one with each Egonauts NFT being unique to the next.  The appearance of each Egonaut will be based on traits using playful cultural references of the specific personality and the historical significance of the respective person. Each of the Egonauts will have unique traits with some more than others. 

What Makes Egonauts NFTs Unique? 

Apart from the fact that they are non-fungible tokens, some other things make each NFT project unique from the existing one. This applies to the Egonauts NFT project in the following ways:


  • Completely Unique Illustrated Series:

In the bid by the developers of the Egonauts NFT to protect the from being previewed or snipped ahead of the release date, the developers have decided to move the images and metadata from their encrypted webserver to IPFS after all the series have been launched. This means that the developers of the Egonauts NFT have made it impossible to be sniped in early 2023 after the final release of the NFT. 


  • No Presale Or Airdrop:

The Egonaut team has redefined rarity with their no dilution free release. The norm would usually be for the NFT project to do presale or airdrop their NFTs to fans or developers before their official release. In the case of the first 2 series of the Egonauts NFTs, even the developers of the NFT collection didn’t have access to any presales or airdrops. This may or may not remain in future series’ releases. 


  • No Bonding Curves or Price Tiers:

Many NFTs do have price tiers of their NFTs, for instance, some of the NFTs maybe 5 ETH while others may be 2.5 ETH. But the team behind the Egonauts NFT has established the price to be exactly 1 ETH per one Egonaut. 

  • Access To The Block Castle:

One of the answers to what makes Egonauts NFTs unique is that users will get access to the Block Castle once they purchase on Egonaut. Users will be given keys to the block castle in the spring of 2022 to enable them to have the opportunity to get access to unique merchandise and access to epic IRL events. Some of the areas that users that have purchased the Egonauts NFT will get access to include the Courtyard, the Towers, the Great Hall, the Round Table Chamber, and the Dungeon. 


  • Focus On IRL (in real life events):

The developers of the Egonauts NFT are dedicated to providing users (both native crypto users and first-timers) with once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are educative and entertaining. 

The Team Behind the Egonauts NFT Project 

From the website of the Egonauts NFT, the team that is behind the Egonauts NFT project is listed below:

  • Bill Spayships and Professir: founders
  • Moonface: artist
  • OffGridGecko: solidity Dev.
  • Shawn Cleta: director
  • ReferenceError: web developer
  • Wipperfurth and Bull: marketers

Notable Achievements

Even though the Egonauts collection has only recently been launched, it’s already gaining community growth and industry validation. The founder of Binance, CZ,  has even acknowledged the project and currently follows its Twitter handle. 

The great @cher, also recently acknowledged the project’s main designer, a young Armenian-American artist, @artbymushu (aka Moonface) for a recent article written about her and the Egonauts project in Asbarez, a leading Armenian-American publication. These are amazing wins for an early project that continues to gain momentum through organic growth and consistently selling the artwork.  

Since the project is all about bringing crypto natives onto a pedestal for what they’ve created in the crypto space, they more than deserve the accolade. 


A lot of individuals have contributed to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in different ways. There is no other way to honour these personalities who made an impact in the crypto industry other than by creating an NFT collection of them. This is the reason why Egonauts NFT was founded by Bill Spayships and Professir. The Order of the Egonauts NFT has many unique features such as documenting the figures of blockchain throughout, avoiding a lot of presales or airdrops early on, no binding or price tiers, and also focusing on real-life events that they claim will be unlike any other the industry has seen. It’s all about growth, community and impact on the industry. 

We could someday see an annual Grammy like event in the metaverse for big accomplishments from industry greats like the Order of the Egonauts. Don’t sleep on this project.

You can access Egonauts NFTs website at, their Twitter handle @EgonautsNFT, and you can join their community on Discord at





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