Editorial Policy

At the Coin Times we aim to maintain high journalistic standards to provide unique and quality articles and news to our readers. When writing for us, you agree to these terms and understand that if you don’t follow them, your article could be rejected by us. You will enter a contract with us that will demand your written agreement to this policy.


Our editorial team will look at your article and figure out if it is high quality and unique enough for our site. If we find that it isn’t, we’ll let you know and work with you until we’re happy with what you’ve produced. We expect all articles to be 100% original and written by you, but if you have a draft saved on your computer from an old article, feel free to submit it as long as the piece has been re-written from scratch. They should pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checks. You should only ‘never-published-before’ content for approval by our editors. We will publish and distribute newspaper and electronic publications containing news and information of interest and importance to our readers and the community. We will present each item as objectively as possible, according to the principles we have established for editorial content.

Claims and Data

We do not make false claims. We do not cherry-pick data to support our point of view. We are sceptical of conventional wisdom. When new evidence comes along, we are open to change. We hope you will become a part of this conversation by sending us an email at [email protected] or joining us on Facebook or Twitter. The writers must link the data/statistics/claims to a relevant website where it was published previously.

Always seek to provide empirical evidence about the claims. You can include pictures, graphs, and screenshots to prove your claims. If no authority websites, experts back up your claim, you should avoid using it in your article.


We offer valuable content every day to the crypto community. Our articles range from tips & tricks to experiences & stories, all valuable to our audience. We strive to be the first global digital platform catering to the needs of the crypto community around the world.

We aim to inform and empower our readers. We serve unfiltered, unbiased content and opinions on a variety of topics through our recognized experts’ original, high quality and relevant content is written with integrity. Our mission is to be the leading source for honest and actionable information we deliver our readers more than just another post on the web.. no promotion/marketing of any currency, market, or company whatsoever will be permitted.

Promotions and Marketing

No article should contain any claims or information about a crypto/company/person for marketing or promotional purposes. The title, subheadings, and the content of your articles should always remain straightforward and unbiased. You should not link any article that promotes a company/currency/person. We strongly discourage the use of promotional/marketing links in our articles.


Please understand that the whole point of the Coin Times is to teach and break down cryptocurrency to the masses. Are readers want to learn and read about cryptocurrency in a simplified way. Our aim is to provide the latest news and info about crypto 24/.7. Therefore, understand our readers before writing an article for them.

News Writing

Please make sure that before writing for the Coin Times all of your sources are credible. Our focus on authenticity and SEO is paramount to what we trying to achieve. Pls make sure all links and evidence are presented in your articles.

We expect you to follow the editorial policy for creating high-quality content for our newsfeed. This includes writing headlines that accurately describe the content of your post and using appropriate keywords and images when promoting it. We reserve the right to remove content and/or disable your account if it breaks these rules or any of our policies:

If you have any queries related to our editorial policy you can reach our editorial team via email: [email protected]

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