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Editorial Policy

The Coin’s Values (TCT)
The Coin Times’ editorial policy translates our statutory responsibilities, services, standards, and expectations and provides as a guide for making equitable, timely, and consistent judgements. It embodies ideas of social responsibility, ethics, and a sense of fair play.Not only does our editorial philosophy educate and guide our professional judgements, but it also proves to our readers that their trust and expectations are justified. Our judgments are guided by the following values.


Neutrality is a state of mind in which no set opinions, expressions, or strong emotions exist. It is about candour, and candour is demonstrated by the reporting of pertinent facts and key points of view, as well as the treatment of issues, events, individuals, and organisations honestly, ethically, and fairly.


Our news pieces must be factually accurate, contextual, and free of any errors or omissions. Reporters should be entrepreneurial and sceptical in their pursuit of, and presentation of, topics. This requires substantial research in addition to a disciplined approach to language and writing.


Our reporters are not influenced by political, business, or other sectional interests, or by their own personal ideas or activities. No external or improper influence is exerted over the appearance or content of news stories.


Respect for the rights of others may require a sensitive approach to topics such as violence, sex, mourning, trauma, and invasions of privacy. Stereotyping and other controversial content must be avoided. We must demonstrate respect for interviewees and everyone else with whom we come into touch while gathering and transmitting news.


Our news coverage spans a diverse spectrum of cultures, hobbies, and points of view.
I leverage this diversity to deliver relevant viewpoints from across the political spectrum. We make no endorsements or condemnations in our coverage of issues, particularly those affecting minorities. We cover points of view based on their newsworthiness and significance.

Personal Opinion

Journalists, producers, and editorial staff will all have their own perspectives, but they must work to overcome prejudice and bias. Professionalism does not mean being devoid of opinions, but rather being aware of them and making modifications to ensure that reporting is reasonable and fair. Audiences should be unable to deduce the correspondent’s personal views.

Analytical and objective

Our correspondents provide analysis of events or points of view in which the event or point of view is contextualised and the audience is made aware of the issue’s importance. However, we make no prescriptive statements or advise the audience on which side to choose. Professional reviewers are permitted to express their thoughts based on their expertise but must identify them as their own.


TCT is accountable for the fair, accurate, and balanced coverage of news. Wherever possible, news balance should occur within a single broadcast or during the present time of interest. Where an appropriate representation of one side of the narrative is unavailable, the journalist should transmit the information in a clear and straightforward manner.

Conflict of Interest Possibility

Due to our prominent position in the public eye, it is vital that our journalists, contributors, and editorial staff earn the public’s trust. The independence and integrity of TCT must remain untouched by commercial, political, or personal interests. It is vital that employees refrain from using the TCT platform for personal advantage.

Advertised material

The Coin Times prepares sponsored content and publishes it in the press release or sponsored content area. The Coin Times keeps editorial control only, and no advertiser has input on material that is not related to the wide problem area. Additionally, sponsored content will be identified using the following tags: “sponsored article,” “sponsored press release,” “sponsored by our partners,” “sponsored by,” “from our sponsor,” “given by x,” or “brought to you by.” All sponsored posts and commercial press releases will have a rel “no sponsor” link.

Partner-supplied content

To ensure that you receive high-quality information, we rely on the experience of our Partners to ensure that all of our content is accurate and helpful. This content may contain images, references, and links to the Partner who has been assigned the Premium Category or is inextricably related to the article to which the content is attached.

Relationships with businesses and coverage of specific items
Please bear in mind that several of the co-founders of The Coin Times and other authors have business affiliations with the companies and products we review. For instance, several of us run secondary Web businesses that rely on the advertising networks discussed on The Coin Times.

While we believe that these corporate partnerships impact our viewpoint and ultimately bring value to our editorial work, please keep in mind that these relationships do exist and will not always be stated in individual pieces.

We strive to be objective and fair in our assessments of products, services, and enterprises. We do not take payment in exchange for a favourable review. We explicitly label sponsored content, disclose when we utilise affiliate links to promote a product or company, and disclose when one of our co-founders owns a stake in a private company that is mentioned in our editorial content.

While we make every effort to be accurate, mistakes do occur. Please email us if you believe one of our articles includes an error.