Dread Scott’s NFT ‘White Male For Sale’, a critique on slavery, to be auctioned off at Christie’s Post-War to Present sale



Nonetheless from ‘White Male For Sale’ Photos are courtesy the artist and Cristin Tierney Gallery, New York

White Male for Sale, an NFT by the artist and activist Dread Scott that makes use of the uber-capitalist artwork kind as a type of social critique, can be auctioned off at Christie’s Publish-Warfare to Current sale on 1 October, in collaboration with Cristin Tierney Gallery. The piece, because the title implies, is a 1:10 minute gradual movement loop of a white man in mundane twenty first century work clothes standing on an public sale block amidst a pedestrian-trafficked road nook in a predominantly Black neighbourhood in Brooklyn. “NFTs are non-fungible tokens that confer uniqueness to digital artworks. The time period ‘fungible’ resonated in a different way for me because of its use by students of the historical past of slavery,” the artist mentioned in an announcement. “Individuals are inherently non-fungible. However as slavery grew to become an integral a part of growing capitalism, enslavers sought to make individuals fungible.”

The work, which started as a efficiency, can be accomplished by the public sale itself. The sale references the qualitative rating completed to enslaved individuals, which served a twin purpose–dehumanising them and suggesting their worth to potential consumers. “Throughout a lot of the historical past of America, enslaved individuals had been bought at public sale. Incessantly these auctions would happen on a road nook. The enslaved individual can be made to face on a block as they had been auctioned. Commercials asserting ‘Negros on the market’ had been widespread. White Male for Sale references this.”

The sale comes on the heels of Scott’s first solo gallery exhibition in additional than 20 years, We’re Going to Finish Slavery. Be part of Us! at Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York.

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