DOGA Coin: New Coin On The Block


The metaverse is now a popular concept in the crypto world; it is a digital world much like virtual reality (VR) where people can live a virtual life. You can own lands, buy things, and do a lot of things like in video games. Dogami is a unique take on the concept of the metaverse. It brings the virtual world to mobile and revolves around man’s best friend, a dog. Let’s explore more on the project and the DOGA coin.

What is Dogami?

Dogami is the world’s first Petaverse. You can download the iOS or Android app to participate in the virtual world where you adopt and raise your dog. Each dog is backed by NFT and you can choose from a range of different species. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that help users establish ownership over digital assets like an image; each dog in the petaverse is unique with a different set of characteristics. Players can also participate in games and challenges to earn DOGA coins. 

What is the DOGA Token?

DOGA coin is the native token of the Dogami petaverse. It is an ERC-20 token, which means it has a value and can be exchanged between holders. ERC-20 tokens use the Ethereum network. DOGA allows the Dogami community to pay for charges and other users. The token will allow players to buy and sell items in the metaverse and also enables them to derive perks of the project that will come in the future. The founders are aiming for DOGA to become a currency that can fund dog welfare services like shelters. They are also relying on the coin to generate funds for their partner foundations which work for the well-being of dogs.

Is DOGA a Potential Cryptocurrency?

DOGA coin has created a buzz in the crypto realm. It is an innovative project with a worthy cause, and many crypto enthusiasts are keeping their eyes on the token. At the moment, thvalue of a DOGA coin is $0.00000000002504, according to DexTools. It has a market supply of 20,000,000,000 tokens with a hard cap of $8 million. That means the maximum supply of DOGA coins will never cross the value of $8 million. Currently, 77 people own DOGA tokens according to Gemhunters, the official website for the sale of the coins. Additionally, it has a market cap of $24,650 that has remained stable in the last 24 hours. Recently, Dogami received $6 million of funding  from Ubisoft, Tezos, and others. As a result, the token could rise in value in the coming days with the launch of the petaverse. Additionally, the NFTs associated with virtual dogs in the game could also generate revenue. 

Final Thoughts

DOGA is a unique project and a worthy candidate. The idea of owning virtual pets is becoming increasingly popular, so the coin could generate some attention. But, we will have to wait until the project hits the market to see what happens.




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