DeFi 11 Set To Be World’s First Decentralized Fantasy Gaming Platform


Written by Nezwan Helmy

DeFi 11, a new fantasy sports and NFT game platform, has just announced that it will be available to the general public via an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) method. This IDO comes as no surprise to those who are already familiar with the platform, since the DeFi 11 team have already revealed their plan for the foreseeable future.

DeFi 11 Will Be Launched Through Polystarter and Redkite

DeFi 11’s upcoming IDO will be launched on two platforms: The Redkite gaming marketplace as well as Polygon’s native launchpad, Polystarter. The launch is scheduled to be on September 20.

Redkite has shown to be a capable performer in terms of being an DeFi platform. When it comes to new initiatives, Redkite works hard to ensure that they get the attention they deserve from high-profile influencers and marketers. As a result of the team’s rigorous screening procedure, they are able to provide investors with peace of mind whilst simultaneously ensuring that only the best of the best are let into their cutting-edge ecosystem.

On the other hand, Polystarter is a pretty solid option for platforms using the IDO method. Despite being less known than its competitors, it is based on the Polygon network which alone opens the door to a slew of new possibilities for innovative enterprises.

Polystarter is committed to providing all projects with a fighting chance in the midst of many other new projects that are continually being launched on the platform. Choosing the Polygon-based launchpad will provide DeFi 11 with many benefits, like permissionless listing, fair and decentralised financing, and full launch assistance.

As a result of the IDO launch, the DeFi 11 team has also announced that the token will be listed on the Ascendex exchange an hour after the launch of the IDO.

The Road to Success For DeFi 11 Team

For months, they have been creating a platform that is run by, and for, the fans starting at the bottom level. Aspects such as poor security, exploitation, and a lack of transparency are no longer an issue for the newly launched platform.

Additionally, the blockchain-based platform aims to simplify the development process by providing developers who choose to move to DeFi 11 with advantages, when it becomes available in the future. 

Furthermore, NFT gaming is a significant component of the team’s objectives, with future advancements anticipated to include peer-to-peer predictions, eliminating the need for a middleman in player transactions. 

Future Plans Awaiting DeFi 11

At this time, the team has already released a comprehensive blueprint outlining its intentions for the future. For the fourth quarter of this year, preparations are in place for DeFi 11; including the launch of their own NFT marketplace, and the introduction of a reward-staking programme.

According to the plan, much more progress is expected to be made in 2022 as well. The team aims to launch P2P forecasts, a governance token, and a community-led expansion into other kinds of sports in the future.

If you would like to learn more about DeFi 11 and their adventure, you can keep updated via their social media platforms linked below. 

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