Dallas Mavericks’ Fan Wins $100K In Crypto


Dallas Mavericks’ Fan Wins $100K In Crypto

In an NBA (National Basketball Association) shootout event, a lucky Dallas Mavericks fan won $100,000 in Bitcoin. The event was sponsored by Voyager Digital Ltd, a publicly listed cryptocurrency platform located in the United States. The cryptocurrency business has teamed with a basketball club located in Dallas.

Voyager Digital is the latest in a long line of cryptocurrency exchanges attempting to get into the sports business. Over 2 million users have signed up for the site, which allows them to trade around 60 digital goods.

The Prize Recipient

After hitting a sequence of baskets in an NBA event, Isaiah Stone managed to win $100,000 in Bitcoin. This is the greatest ever sum for an on-court promotion, according to the NBA club.

Stone shot a three-pointer,  a free throw, & a half-court field goal while completing all phases of the challenge.


A few days ago, the NBA franchise collaborated with Voyager. The crypto platform offers new members a coin incentive to start off the relationship. Fans of the Dallas Mavericks were given a $100 bitcoin incentive for signing up and trading cryptocurrency on Voyager.

On Wednesday, the Dallas Mavericks’ digital content manager, Bobby Karalla, also broke the news.


In the crypto world, Mark Cuban, as the owner of a professional basketball club, is well-known. He is indeed a proponent of Dogecoin. In March, the Dallas Mavericks added the meme currency to their payment choices. As a result, they are the first NBA club to accept Doge payments.

On the team’s website, Cuban is continually advocating the adoption of Dogecoin & other cryptocurrencies with various incentives.

Dallas Mavericks’ Partnership With Voyager

The Dallas Mavericks and Voyager Digital Ltd announced an exclusive five-year, integrated collaboration on Wednesday, October 27. It became the team’s first bitcoin brokerage and worldwide partner as a result.

The cooperation, according to the release, allows both parties to touch a larger worldwide audience and enhance brand recognition. As well as promoting bitcoin acceptance all across the globe.

“Crypto assets and apps are transforming how business & personal finance are done,” Mark Cuban said of the cooperation. As a result of our partnership with Voyager, we hope that Mavericks and NBA fans will learn more about Voyager and how they can earn more profits with Voyager’s platform so they can with traditional financial applications.”

Steve Ehrlich, CEO & Co-Founder of Voyager, also expressed his enthusiasm for the Dallas Mavericks’ collaboration.

“Through this relationship, we will be able to teach individuals all around the globe on how to utilize crypto in their daily lives.” We wish to assist individuals in learning alternative methods to increase their money in order to reach genuine financial independence and generate intergenerational wealth via cryptocurrency. We discovered a fantastic partner in the Mavs & their founder, Mark Cuban, is also quite active in the sector.”

This year, its Mavs Game Hub, which will serve as an official gaming and event site for the Mavericks’ NBA 2K League team, will be dedicated to Voyager.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The NBA

Crypto exchanges have made news in recent months due to their agreements with NBA clubs. Coinbase and the NBA announced a multi-year agreement earlier this month. The exchange hopes that the NBA’s visibility will help to build the crypto economy.




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