CAPS Token: The Alternative Global Currency Token?


CAPS was created to fill a void: a void left by the absence of money based on technology that could withstand the present limitations on both physical and bank-held currencies. We wish to provide a global currency that can be used anywhere and has the same value no matter where it is used. 


A universal currency will link all online and offline businesses by eliminating the need for an exchange. With a physical banking system, CAPS is a digital currency that can be exchanged for cash.


CAPS: An Overview


Caps is a solution based on a new currency with the security that we have been waiting for, but until now you may not have realised exactly what was needed in a new currency. All your accounts and assets might be frozen by banks in times of crisis or significant financial catastrophe. 


As a digital currency, Caps will be immune to the ups and downs of banking institutions, making them recession-proof. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing bartering currency, Caps is meant to accomplish just that. 


But it has a few big advantages over the dollar. In the end, it’s up to you. As with digital currency, you have full control over your account and currency using an online or offline wallet that only you have access to.

The Top CAPS Features

CAPS will be integrated into daily life through the use of both existing and future technology.


CAPS Cards- 


You’ll soon be able to carry your CAPS around with you thanks to CAPS’ biometric CAPS cards. Transferring money from your bank account to a credit or debit card will soon be possible with the help of CAPS. CAPS LOCK is in YOUR hands.

CAPS on the Go- 

As of now, CAPS is the only token currency that uses a heart rhythm verification watch to store your CAPS, making it the first of its kind. You’ll be able to save, transfer, and transfer money between your wallet and your CAPS WATCH, as well as perform person-to-person transfers and transactions.

First CAPS Bank- 


This will be the first of its kind bank, First CAPS BANK. CAPS accounts can be opened the same way as regular currency accounts. Accounts can be opened for an individual, a couple, or a corporation. You will have the peace of mind that your CAPS will never be misplaced and may be used on your First CAPS BANK debit card exactly like your current debit card.

Individual Blockchain and Exchange- 


As an individual blockchain and exchange, CAPS will be available for purchase directly from the platform, where it can be paid for with your existing cryptocurrency or the currency of your country of origin.


CAPS: The Future


Owing to blockchain technology and the Ethereum network, Caps is as secure as the most secure token currency on the market. Aside from this, Caps will use new to market technologies to provide the first everyday take-with-you security solution to secure your CAPS. 


Using a watch that employs heart rhythm verification or Cap’s physical card, which uses your fingerprint and a PIN to establish your authenticity for your purchases and transactions, you will be able to store your caps in the near future. Using this innovative technology, you will have complete control over your CAPS and be able to treat them like cash. 


Depending on how much or how little you want to add to your card or watch, you will be able to do so. A debit or credit card can also be used as a stand-alone card with joint accounts that will be established at the first Digital currency bank. Using the latest technologies, Caps will continue to develop the world’s most user-friendly and secure money.





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