BookBlocks Plans to Launch NFT Series to Fund Afghanistan Women’s Education Drives



BookBlocks, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) startup, is set to empower Afghanistan’s girls and women as they face the harshest reality with the rise of the Taliban leadership for the first time in about three decades.

With the Taliban in control, one of the worst nightmares is resurfacing with the possibility of undermining young girls continuous education hanging in the balance.

A not-for-profit organization, Women for Afghan Women, is striving for women’s rights to be upheld, including the clamour for women education to be upheld against the antics of the Taliban government. With the inherent risks attached to this fight for human rights under a government committed to pursuing Islamic extremism, the Women for Afghan Women defies all odds to make its voice heard and has drawn the international community’s attention.

BookBlocks, whose entire platform is centred on reimagining how new books are published, and old books are revived, has planned to launch an NFT series with 100% of the proceeds scheduled to fund the Afghan women’s cause. As the company highlighted in an announcement, a total of 2,200 NFTs will be minted in 4 different phases of 550 each. While the entire proceeds will be pushed to the organization after minting, as much as 5% of subsequent sales of the NFTs will also go to the organization.

“This week, the Taliban announced only male teachers and students should return to schools, leaving the future of millions of girls across Afghanistan uncertain. This is a generation that grew up hopeful and dreaming about their future through educational opportunities. Women for Afghan Women has been working on the ground for 20 years to improve the lives of women and girls. Thank you, BookBlocks, for standing with the Afghan people at this critical time. We encourage you all to support this inspiring campaign and support our Afghan sisters,” said Naheed Samadi Bahram, US Country Director, Women for Afghan Women.

Just like BookBlocks, other renowned NFT artists are also committing their funds to charity, top of which is Beeple, the highest-grossing NFT artist to date. Amidst the growing NFT Mania, the commitment of funds to charity will also boost the outlook of the nascent innovative offshoot of blockchain technology. 

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