Adobe Photoshop To Add ‘Prepare as NFT’ Function


Something new, and exciting is coming to  Adobe Photoshop! 

Photoshop designers will now be able to design media and save it in NFT format with an upcoming feature in the Adobe update.

This new feature within Photoshop will prove that the person who sells the NFT, is the one who created it. This is called content identification and NFT minters will be able to link their Adobe IDs to crypto wallets and compatible NFT marketplaces, in order to provide some kind of validated certificate that will prove that the source of the art is genuine. 

In an interview with Adobe’s Chief Officer, Scott Belsky, the NFT feature will be integrated into Photoshop using the “Prepare as NFT” option and will be previewed later this month. Belsky states that the attribution data created by the content credentials reside on the IPFS system. 

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The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized files hoster, where a network of people, not a single company, is responsible for maintaining the security and availability of data (similar to the behaviour of a torrent system). 

According to Adobe, NFT marketplaces such as KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare can be incorporated into content authorizations to show Photoshop attributes.

Today, artwork theft is becoming a big problem in the NFT world. There are many examples of people publishing art that they didn’t create or have no rights to, on the blockchain. This is because anyone can create an NFT without having to own the copyright on the content. With blockchain, there is nothing you can do to prevent this. To make matters worse, the coins are fixed to the blockchain, so even if you don’t know the original work, the NFT will still look real.

Currently, anyone can right-click on an existing image of an NFT and reconfigure it themself and potentially mislead a buyer. Adobe’s system cannot prevent the theft of artwork, but it does provide a way to prove that the NFTs you sell have not been stolen, leaving it up to the buyer to value it. 

The NFT creator will not be the only one benefiting from Adobe’s Content Authentication Initiative. The company is also rolling out the system in beta, which will users to see changes made to files in Photoshop and tag archived images on Adobe’s system.

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